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Universo Paralello: Goodbye 2017 and Welcome 2018

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Between December 27th and January 3rd, I attended Universo Paralello at Praia de Pratigi in Bahia, Brazil. This festival was the very reason I started thinking about making this trip. Almost a year later, I arrived at the spot I had been working for all year. So how was the festival? 


Nomad for

3 months


Pratigi, Bahia (Brazil)

Universo Parallelo – Location

The location was like being in Paradise itself and easily the best thing this festival had to offer. Palm trees, sand, ocean, sun at day and the stars and a full-moon at night… a true feast of colors of nature. All elements well presented. Some nights I slept on the beach; under the night sky with the moon and stars and with the background sounds of the ocean waves.

Already as early as 5:30 in the morning, the sun rise would wake me up and send me into the ocean for a refreshing morning dive. Other nights I slept in the chill-out; free-camping because I didn’t bring a tent. Truly an awesome experience that helped me to further free my mind.

The early morning of December 31st was special to me in particular; the last sun rise of 2017. Taking a moment in front of the ocean, shedding some tears as I thought about all the steps I had taken that year. The joy of being in such a magical place with so many amazing people. To be in the burning sun instead of the freezing cold. The grattitude for being able to be there and to somehow feel so much at home here in Brazil. The curiosity of not knowing where I would be a few days later… let alone the rest of 2018. The symbolism of losing that pocket bag that not only contained my iPhone with pictures from the past but also a necklace connected to stories from the past. That and so much more, feeling so many emotions all at once and again the grattitude for being able to feel all that… just priceless.

“Letting go to clear the way for brand new beginnings in 2018. How fitting to start the new year dressed in white like Brazilians do.”

LETTING GO, yes, if I’d have to title my 2017 it would be that. Letting go to clear the way for brand new beginnings in 2018. How fitting to start the new year dressed in white like Brazilians do… white; all colors combined. White like a blank page or canvas for a story yet to be written, or a painting yet to be painted. Endless opportunities and possibilities to paint my 2018 with colorful life experiences.

So what’s next after this week at Universo Parallelo? How long will I stay here in Rio? Where will I go next? Maybe revisit Sao Paulo to reunite with my new friends from there or head for Peru or Colombia? Who will I meet and what will I be doing? Will it be about cities and parties (carnaval!) some more or will it be more spiritual from here? Will I be buying a new phone or enjoy the experience of not having one some more (11 days and counting)? All of this and more is one big unknown, and I am loving it.

Living by the day. HUNGRY for life.

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