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My name is Marijn and I am fascinated by the adventure that we call life. As a life adventurer, I like to stay curious and explore different ways to give meaning to my life myself. The Mission Game is my invitation to you to come take a look at your life from a different perspective.

The world is our playground and missions a playful way to explore it differently, connect with others and create stories to remember. Together.

Mission Marijn

The Mission Game started as an interaction game and festival act for a co-creation festival called Familiar Forest back in 2014. Combining storytelling and gamification elements, the idea behind the game was to activate people and be a tool to the creation of spontaneous yet meaningful moments between people who not yet knew each other, but who could possibly become friends. The object of the game was not to complete missions perse, but to create stories to remember. The game has since spread to life itself, a way to explore differently. Through Couchsurfing interactions and festivals, The Mission Game spreads all around the world.

INDIA (2020)

MEXICO (2019)


BRAZIL (2018)


exploring other cultures…

In a mission that I received before starting a Latin America adventure back in 2017, a Turkish colleague suggested I look for Turkish influences. When I found some Turkish food in Buenos Aires, I made sure to share it with my Argentina friends. I then shared this video with my colleague to check if this was indeed, a mission complete.

In what way do you give meaning to life?