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Ending My Trip: Why I Am Going Home Soon

by Mar 10, 2018Updates0 comments

It has been four months since I left Amsterdam and started my open-ended Latin American adventure. Big plans I had. Still do. Looking back; the best thing about this trip has been a step that I took a month before even leaving; decluttering my materialistic possessions and closing the door of my home behind me without having a key to a new place. 


Nomad for

5 months


Manaus, AM

No longer having one fixed place to call home: a leap of faith; a jump into the unknown. It felt like the right move beforehand and so it did after. More than anything else, it gave me a shitload of life-adventuring inspiration. I haven’t looked back ever since.

A lot has happened. I arrived to Brazil, made my way to Uruguay and into Argentina and back to Brazil again. As much as I enjoyed my visit to Buenos Aires, returning to Brazil somehow felt like coming home. Over two months later, I am still here.

“Returning to Brazil somehow felt like coming home.”

Participating in superheroes carnaval in Olinda and encountering wild dolphins right beside me while swimming in the ocean, have been some of many unforgettable moments I experienced just this last month. Needless to say, I am grateful for all of them. But let’s be fair and add that not every day has been like that; there also were these couple of days that I just couldn’t stop beating myself up for bringing my second iPhone to carnaval. Because guess what, it got stolen too. No surprise there of course. It took me a few days to forgive myself.


In the end I did make a ton of new friends wherever I went and lived life as hard as I could while also allowing days of doing absolutely nothing. I just forgot about the part of wanting to look for a teaching job and/or generating other income streams.

Now in the Amazonian city of Manaus, the end of my 90 days of permitted stay in Brazil is drawing near. There are other countries ‘close’ from here like Colombia and Peru, but my money has gone way faster than I had foreseen. It feels wrong to spend it all and go all the way down to a balance of zero euro’s so I figure to save some for getting back, and a starting budget for future travels. 

“Not to throw in the towel and call it quits; I am only just getting started.”

So yes, soon I’ll be heading back to the Netherlands. Not to throw in the towel and call it quits; I am only just getting started. Even not knowing where I will sleep once I get back; I still believe that decluttering and giving up my home was the right move to make.

  • Money spent 80% 80%

I trust that I will find a new place to stay. Having kept my job, I know that I can refuel my bank account and learn from the mistakes that I have made. To use those learnings to prepare better and to return to Latin America once again… maybe a little wiser… just maybe. Until then, who knows that I’ll catch some European festivals with you as well.

See you soon? Much love from the Amazonas!

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