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Disconnect: One Month Without Mobile Phone

by Feb 9, 2018Updates0 comments

Yesterday was exactly 3 months since I landed at São Paulo GRU airport. Funny enough, I found myself at exactly that place again three months later. Not by any means to end my trip; no, just to take a flight up north again. Meanwhile a new sim card and iPhone (refurbished) had made its way from Amsterdam to Rio de Janeiro and from Rio to Recife. Traveling with someone I did not know. Learning to disconnect from my iPhone.


Nomad for

4 months



So guess what, this morning I picked up that phone… this phone! Funny detail is that when I had it automically fetch the correct time, it showed me 11:11 – the universe and me sharing a smile. It will take another 48 hours or so until my SIM card is activated and I’m back online completely (whatsapp, messenger, etc.).

With that mission complete, I am now ready for the next; celebrate carnaval. Apparantly the carnaval here in Recife and Olinda is considered to be one of the best the country has to offer. I cannot wait to find out!

Even though I loved to be without for a while, it’s still good to be back online for many reasons like Uber / Google maps / Couchsurfing and what not.

Just to keep in mind…


Will my phone stay with me throughout the carnaval and beyond? Stay tuned and I’ll let you know! For now thanks to Joris and Mara for their help in getting me a new phone.

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