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Departure: Starting The Adventure of a Lifetime

by Nov 8, 2017Updates

After almost a full year of counting down, the big day had now finally come; the day of departure. Celebrated my birthday and had a little see you later-party on November 3rd; flew from Amsterdam to Lisbon, Portugal on November 7th and then the next day across the ocean and landing in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Before I boarded that flight to Brazil, I made sure to thank some people through a Facebook post.


Thank you Bianca (Zaandam), Hylke & Remco (Amsterdam), Lauren (Leiden), Peter & Mireille (Alkmaar), Mees (Haarlem), Wilco (Utrecht) and CJ (Amsterdam) for warm-welcoming me into your homes the past several weeks.

“No thanks! You’re welcome. Have an amazing trip! And bring some of those pasteis the nata back home for me from Lisbon haha!”

– Bianca, Netherlands


Thank you Nico, Seb, Bianca, Joris, CJ, Roland, Raoul, Hylke & Remco, Peter & Mireille for helping me out to get rid of stuff and/or keeping things safe for me while I’m gone.

“Have a good and safe trip my friend. hope you have a good time and meet lots of good people. much love from Las Vegas.”

– Roland, Netherlands


Thank you Adélia for shaking my world the way you did. Meeting you has helped me unlock a level of courage and fearlessness I did not know I had in me. From your home country and on your birthday, I am wishing you nothing but love and happiness. Always have, always will. Happy birthday!

“Follow that inner compass and you will always succeed. Good luck in this big adventure.  May the universe give you happiness, health, safetiness and abundance in all aspects of your life. It will be an amazing journey I’m sure.”

– Adélia, Portugal


November 6th, 2017


November 7th, 2017


November 8th, 2017


Thank you Wouter for asking me that one question about a year ago that triggered me and set all of this in motion. Now let’s see how much further down the rabbit hole this story goes.

“Ik ben zeer benieuwd wat deze reis je zal brengen, wat de grootste uitdagingen zijn die je tegenkomt, en hoe je die zal overwinnen.”

– Wouter, Netherlands


Thank you Ania, Babette, Bianca, Christiaan, Hylke, Michiel and Minni not just for listening but for caring enough to tell me the truth when you felt I needed to hear it, and to dare ask those uncomfortable questions.

“Lieve Marijn, heel veel plezier, succes, wijsheid, liefde en avontuur!”

– Christiaan, Netherlands


Thank you Tjerk for being a source of inspiration not to settle for some vague results around some vague ass goals, but to do what it takes and push beyond the self-imposed bullshit.

“Thanks for the compliment Marijn. You won the #ALLURE2016 program for a reason. Go Forth & Devour Your Destiny.”

Tjerk, Netherlands


Thank you to all those that came to my birthday and/or wished me bon voyage in the days and weeks leading up to this one. You words were heard and felt, empowering me for the biggest adventure of my life yet.

“Lieverd, ik wens je dit zo toe en je weet, ik ben er voor je!”

– Hylke, Belgium


The content of this blog post was originally posted as Facebook update. The quotes from others in this article have been taken from the comments on Facebook.

Yes, I have some amazing people around me. Know that I love you. Know that I love my country. Know that I love the life I have/had there. Know that I know that I can return anytime I want. Know that I will when I want to. I am enough as is and I have nothing to proof. 

With all of that said, I am an explorer and I am making a choice to go and explore the unknown. Doing that what makes me feel alive the most. It’s time to set course for São Paulo. Love will be my fuel. My heart will be my compass. I am with the best tour guide I can imagine; myself.

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