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Couchsurfing – 3 Reasons Why You Should Try It Yourself

by Oct 10, 2019Adventures0 comments

Couchsurfing is a website and international community where you can find people to stay with, all over the world. Sounds like AirBnB? It does yes, but where AirBnB is more about making an extra buck, Couchsurfing is all about connecting with like minded explorers.

Although I had heard of it before, I have only been active since the last 2 years. About a week ago, I became Couchsurfing Ambassador in Amsterdam. Here’s 3 reasons why I think you should consider to give it a try yourself. I am a big fan, and maybe you can become one too.

1. Couchsurfing Inspires You To Live Life

Are you feeling stuck in life or does life seem boring and unfulfilling? Hosting a Couchsurfer just might be the cure you need.

Hear me out on this.

As you open up your house to travelers from around the world, you’re going to meet some fascinating people. People who are in the midst of their life’s greatest adventures. Riding the highs and lows of life. Full of different perspectives, unusual approaches and ideas you never thought about before.

These people bring stories with them. Stories about the people they met, the places they have been and all the experiences they have collected. Chances are, they will be eager to share these with you.

Couchsurfing is all about exchange.

Not in money, but in connection.

Although you will likely have very different desires, you can and probably will still get inspired just from listening to the stories your guest has to share. You might even share some stories yourself, and come to realize how certain things might not matter as much as you thought they did. Your eyes might be opened up to see how you could make your own life more meaningful.  

Inspiration not just to travel, but to maybe live life a little harder in your everyday life as well.

2. Learn About Other Cultures

As you host someone from another country, you’re also receiving another culture into your house.

Food and drinks; values, customs and habits; national holidays and other celebrations; religious practices and so much more. Culture is awesome, don’t you agree?

Host a Mexican and learn about their rich cuisine and celebrations around the dead. Like how I got inspired for my Mexico Adventure.

Host a Polish and they might bring you some Polish vodka.

Welcome an Australian into your house and learn about their slang words and how they deal with kangaroos and other exotic animals. 

People are always happy to share about their favorite food and holidays, Couchsurfers even more so.

3. Friends Around The World

Couchsurfing is a great networking tool. After just two years of being active and 2 trips to South America, I connected and interacted with people from litteraly all over the world. 

Does every guest or host become a life long friend? 


But it can happen.

I still keep in touch with some of the people who I stayed with in Brazil, Colombia and Argentina. Maybe some day they will come to visit me in Amsterdam. I will be happy when they do. At the same time I have hosted people from Finland, Turkey, Australia, Germany, Thailand and so many more countries. 

When I go to Istanbul, I will have a place to stay.

When I go to Berlin, I will have a place to stay.

When I go to Buenos Aires, I will have a place to stay.

Look, I might not go to any of these places anytime soon. That is not the point. Just the mere idea of having someone there who would be happy to welcome me in their city, host me in their house and show me around… that is such a great feeling and something I am very grateful for. 

Couchsurfing is a great way to meet people from all over the world, share your life with and get a little peak in their life and culture.

Did you connect with any of the reasons that I shared in this article? Drop a comment to let me know.

In an upcoming article I will share some tips on how to actually get started.

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