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Buenos Aires: One Month of Adventures in Argentina’s Capital

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One month has passed since I left Amsterdam. So far I have stayed in just two hostels; preferring to stay with locals any day. I’ve made a ton of new friends and tried loads of new things. One thing I like to do in every big city, is to just wander through the city streets by myself and to feel its vibe. To not just look, but to see. Not just the good, but also to take a closer look at the city’s shadow side. Especially here in Buenos Aires. Luckily I had some good company to show me around.


Nomad for

2 months


Buenos Aires

My journey here in Latin America has only just begun. The best so far has to be to be welcomed by Marta & Gaston here in Buenos Aires and to be taken to meet some of Marta’s family the same very day. It was very touching to see this big of a family be this close together, Marta’s mother singing tango and everyone loving it. The next day we went to see a show of my hero Richie Hawtin. It was only the start of my stay in Buenos Aires. Check the video down below to get a glimpse what that day was like. Spoiler alert: we enjoyed!

“The next day we went to see a show of my hero Richie Hawtin. It was only the start of my stay in Buenos Aires.”

Trip to Star Wars: The Last Jedi

While in Buenos Aires, I went to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi in an IMAX theater about 15km away from home. It took quite a while to get there, but I wanted to see it on the best screen possible. When the movie ended, I boarded a random bus back into the direction of the city center of Buenos Aires.

“Let’s go for an adventure and see how I find my way back”, I told myself expecting to take at least 2 hours and a few more buses and/or a long walk.

Surrendering to the unknown, feeling excited and curious to what would happen next. Turns out that same very bus brings me as close as a 5 minute walk away from home… all within the hour. Now that was unexpected! 

saudade – a Portuguese word I learned about earlier in this trip”

Christmas in Buenos Aires

Almost ten years after my mom passed away, I am in Argentina spending my Christmas with Marta’s family, at her mom’s.  Apparently here Christmas is welcomed with a countdown around midnight too. Yes, a lot like new years eve. Fireworks, champagne and best wishes included too. Wishing balloons into the air, Santa arriving with gifts for all kids around the neighborhood. Music playing, karaoke later. Kids, teenagers and adults all enjoying Christmas in ways I have no seen or felt before. What a lovely family. 

Yes, something broke in me. Tears were flowing then and now again. My heart overflowing with love and gratitude more than anything. Maybe some saudade too – a Portuguese word I learned about earlier in this trip. One way another, in my tears and emotions my mother was/is there right with me. I know she would have been proud and happy for me living my life adventures the way I do. I am too. 

What’s the plan? Apart from maybe taking a trip to Iguazu Falls, I am staying in Buenos Aires for a few more weeks; I am very grateful to be invited to spend Christmas with Marta’s family. The day after, we’re taking a flight to Salvador to go to Universo Paralello festival (Dec 27th – Jan 3rd). When that ends and 2018 has begun, I have no clue as to where life will take me next.

Diving deep into the not-knowing.

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