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My name is Marijn and I am fascinated by the adventure that we call life. As a life adventurer, I like to stay curious and explore different ways to give meaning to my life myself. The Mission Game is my invitation to you to come take a look at your life from a different perspective.

The world is our playground and missions a playful way to explore it differently, connect with others and create stories to remember. Together.

When was the last time you tried something new?


The Mission Game started as an interaction game and festival act for a co-creation festival called Familiar Forest back in 2014.

Combining storytelling and game elements, the idea behind the game was to activate people and be a tool to the creation of spontaneous yet meaningful moments between people who not yet knew each other, but who could possibly become friends.

The object of the game was not to complete missions, but to create stories to remember.

The game has since spread to life itself, a way to explore differently.





My name is Marijn and I was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on November 3rd of 1982. My parents lived on a ship in a Amsterdam marina and named me after the water they raised me on. The tattoo I wear on my chest tells this story. Storytelling is an important part of my life.

Pretty much all my life I have felt different.

For a long time, I thought that different was something bad and felt like some unwanted outsider. Now I know better and have actually learned to embrace different as my greatest asset. No longer in hiding, but expressing it.


This is me at Boom festival in Portugal back in 2016, perhaps still the most awesome week of my life to date. I have since traveled to Latin America and back; had the time of my life in Brazil and Argentina, but to me, nothing beats a week at Boom festival. 


At the end of 2016, Universo Paralello festival in Brazil seemed like a dream far away. This picture was taken at the very last day of 2017, me reflecting at all the small steps that I took to be there, right at that beach in Brazil. Tears of joy and happiness. 


From October 1st 2017 onwards, I have been living a nomad life. After coming back from Brazil, I have been house sitting for friends. Including three amazing months on this cute little pirate ship.


After my mother died back in 2008, Christmas lost all of its magic for me. Thanks to Marta and her Galano family, I was able to experience a magical Christmas yet again.


The following quotations are all references taken from my Couchsurfing profile and include writings from people who stayed with me as well as people who hosted me.

"It was quite a pleasure meeting Marijn as he is very laid back and open minded person. Life is an adventure for him and it was cool to talk to him about life and he has many stories from his trips , he is very genuine about what he believes in."

Brooj, Yemen

"Marijn is a really nice, easygoing and genuine person. Since our first contact, I could realize how amazing he is."

Thais, Brazil

"Marijn is a very interesting guy. I love the idea of getting rid of most of the stuff I have and live even a simpler life then now. He showed me around in Haarlem, which was really nice and we had some good conversations about life."

Fiona, Switzerland

"Marijn is a beautifully gentle soul. He opened up his apartment to me even though he was two days away from selling all his possessions, moving out, and embarking on a traveling journey to Latin America."

Michael, United States

"Idealistic and adventurous with a nice open heart. Wish you all the best on your coming adventure. If there is a will there is a way."

Rashta, Portugal

"Marijn was a great host, very helpful with answering questions and helping get around the city also learnt some of the Aussie lingo. Very generous and kind hearted person."

Marni, Australia

"Marijn welcomed me with a big heart during the busy Pride week. Word can’t explain how grateful I am to have such an amazing experience stay!! Marijn has a beautiful soul and I enjoyed his positivity attitude."

Eric, New Zealand

"If I can describe Marijn in three words, it will be passionate, considerate and positive."

Yang, China

"I met Marijn for a cup of coffee! It was good time, we talked about life, experiences, inner feelings and thoughts. It was refreshing and he shared his experience. This gave me something to think about which is cool."

Mai, Kuwait

"Marijn is a interesting person. He has a big heart and a lovely soul."

Luiz, Brazil

"I thought "life coach" means some kind of bullshit-guru, but Marijn changed my mind; he has interesting (and quite reasonable) ideas about how life works, and also is open for doubt and discussion. (...) Marijn has quite a few of "sides and colors", the guy made a lucid dreaming workshop, how much more interesting can a conversation partner get?"

Oleg, Italy